Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We recognize how important privacy is to individuals who visit this website. This policy describes our privacy practices regarding information collected from users of this website, including what information is collected and how that information is used. Because this privacy policy only applies to this website, you should examine the privacy policy of any website, including other state agency websites, that you may access using this website. For purposes of this policy, “personal information” means any information concerning a natural person, as opposed to a corporate entity, which can be used to identify that person. Examples of personal information are email address, name, phone number and town. Team Teen only collects personal information about you when you provide that information voluntarily by sending an e-mail or by initiating contact with an online contact form.

Information and Choice

As noted above, Team Teen does not collect any personal information about you during your visit to this website unless you provide that information voluntarily by sending an e-mail or initiating an online contact form. You may choose not to send us an e-mail, respond to a survey, or complete a form.

Disclosure of Information Collected Through This Website

The collection of information through this website and the disclosure of that information are subject to the provisions of the NYS Internet Security and Privacy Act. Team Teen will only collect personal information through this website or disclose personal information collected through this website if the user has consented to the collection or disclosure of such personal information. Submitting an online contact form and voluntarily disclosing personal information to Team Teen by the user, whether solicited or unsolicited, constitutes consent to the collection and disclosure of the information by Team Teen for the purposes reasonably ascertainable from the nature and terms of the transaction.

Future updates to Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be updated in the future.